What is Vermicompost?

Let's get into it.

What is Vermicompost?

CARL helps you reduce your food waste through a type of composting called "vermicomposting" which uses worms to break down organic materials. These lil' red wigglers (we call them carls) are powerhouses when it comes to eating. They'll munch on your food waste and turn it right into nutrient-dense compost for your houseplants, garden, or whatever you're growing at home. When we get down to it though, vermicompost is... well... worm poop!


What types of worms?

Carls are Red Wigglers - they're as long as your pinky finger and as thin as a piece of spaghetti! No earth worms here.

Doesn't compost smell and attract pests?

Nope! A healthy worm bin smells a bit like wet dirt - earthy! But, the smell stays contained to the bin. This bin has a lid that clicks on to keep out pests, rodents, pets + kids! If you're having problems with you bin, reach out to us for some extra help.

What will they eat?

All kinds of organic material -- but worms are just like you (if you're a vegan)! They like a varied diet to make the best compost. We put fruit and veggie scraps, dried bread, coffee grounds, egg shells, and brown paper products in our bin; we leave out citrus, spicy peppers, meat and dairy, and bleached paper. Don't worry, your bin has a "no throw" list on it to help you remember!

What if I don't like worms?!

Don't worry, we know that worms can be a little weird if you're not used to them. CARL has designed a bin that makes it easy for you to add food scraps while steering clear of your worms. We also can come and clean out your bin for you when it's time to harvest that compost!

Do you ship outside of Denver?

We are currently only offering local pickup while we figure out how to send our carls in the mail. Stay tuned!